Funny Face Cups (individual)

First four flavors were available in 1969 in four pack or individual pack.

Mailing Boxes

Goofy Grape

Choo Choo Cherry

Lefty Lemon

Freckle Face Strawberry

Fifth/sixth flavor available in 1972 in two pack or individual pack.

Jolly Olly Orange

Loud Mouth Punch

Seventh/Eigth flavor available in 1974 in individual pack.

Rudi Tutti Frutti

With It Watermelon

Two-handled cups made in Hong Kong.

Blue grape Hong Kong cups.

Purple grape Hong Kong cup.

Green Strawberry Hong Kong cup.

Red Strawberry Hong Kong cup.

Red Cherry Hong Kong cup.

Yellow Lemon Hong Kong cup.

Factory Painted blue cherry.

Millionth cup (executives).

Funny Face Cup Store Display

Ice Chest and Carafe


Two-faced Pitcher (Yellow one is a test pressing).

One-faced Pitchers and Goofy Grape shaker.

Scott and Dixie plastic cups.

Funny Face Cups (individual)